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To all who have donated to earlier membership drives, we again extend our heartfelt thank you!!!  

Our Hellenic Museum of Michigan Membership Drive is underway and you can get a jump on it by purchasing a membership via PayPal or by filling out the Membership Card below and mailing it to:

The Hellenic Museum of Michigan

67 E. Kirby,

Detroit MI 48202

Please be as generous as possible.  Membership monies are dedicated to paying annual operating expenses (utilities, maintenance, supplies/corresponding materials etc.)  

The Hellenic Museum of Michigan will be the central point for Hellenic archival and academic resources as well as cultural and social gatherings throughout Michigan and the region. Download: Membership Card

* Donations of $500 or more may be applied toward a FRIENDS pledge which includes a Lifetime Membership, Family Name on Scroll of Honor and Family Written History.

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Hellenic Museum of Michigan Membership