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Hellenic Museum of Michigan - Website Family History Program


To allow families to document their history of immigration, roles and accomplishments in the Greek American experience.

To create permanent archives to serve as a resource for visitors to the Hellenic Museum of Michigan website.

To allow families the opportunity to financially support the Hellenic Museum of Michigan with each history submitted.


Families and individuals will have an opportunity to submit an 800 word written description, of family members past and present who are felt to have been important contributors to the Greek American experience. Donation amount is $500.00. Additional copy can be added incrementally for a marginal cost.

Descriptions will be submitted by online form and once accepted will be permanently enrolled into the Museum database as a permanent chronicle of the families role as it relates to the present and past connection to the greater Greek American community.

Family Enrollment descriptions can be added to or updated as the family wishes additional enrollments.

The Family Enrolment program will become part of the museum’s archives, providing information for current and future research into historic and genealogical subjects


The Website Family Enrollment Program will provide a living and permanent documentation of the immigration and assimilation of families; where they came from in the Greek world, how they lived and worked in American, how they contributed to the Greek American experience and what are their accomplishments.

The creation of permanent family archives permanently housed in the Hellenic Museum of Michigan. The Oral History program to be initiated in the future will preserve the history of the Greeks of America by interviewing and recording of individuals and/ or groups creating a very significant repository of Greek American histories. The material which could include photos could be used for research, documentaries, movie productions, public presentations, publications in books, journals magazines etc. and be archived for viewing at any time.

The program will provide solid financial base so that the Hellenic Museum of Michigan can enter into other programs important to the community such as lectures, cultural and art exhibits, archives, music and learning. Contributing families will be given a permanent and attractively mounted documentation of the family history and connection to the Greek American community

Please contact the museum at (313) 871.4100, to arrange a meeting with Written Repository Committee Chairperson, Dr. Anthony Kales or Co- Chairperson, Joan DeRonne.

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