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Written History Program...

The preservation of Greek-American history

Every culture's history is comprised of the details of the lives of individuals, from seemingly insignificant, ordinary activities to the experience of momentous, sometimes tragic events.  This history and culture has been passed along in story, poetry and song, and has undoubtedly been told and retold within families.  However, as generations pass, many stories and traditions eventually get lost before they can be recorded. This is an opportunity for these histories to persist.

What’s your story? We want to know!

Providing a history on yourself, your family or Greek friends is a critical investment for future generations of Greek- Americans.  Every person's story, regardless of how ordinary it may seem to you, significantly enriches the scope, depth, and accuracy of documentation on the forefathers of the Greek -American community.  This is a valuable, free, and rewarding opportunity to preserve your family's history for generations to come.